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A new European ranking system: U-Multirank

U-Multirank should provide a differentiated guide to the European higher education community. This new European ranking has been initiated by the European Commission. A pilot practical phase for U-Multirank was launched in 2013. Now in May 2014, the initial results from this practical phase are available online. About 850 universities from all over the world have registered for participation. Preregistration for 2015 is already underway.

Back in 2011, the European Commission commissioned a consortium of European higher education and research institutions (including CHE and CHEPS) to develop a new ranking system with the name “U-Multirank”. The system uses a broad spectrum of performance indicators to rank universities in Europe, thus providing an alternative to the familiar international ranking systems. Universities are to be ranked across a total of five categories: research prestige, quality of teaching and the learning environment, international orientation, knowledge transfer scoring and regional engagement. EU Commissioner for Education and Culture Androulla Vassiliou comments: “U-Multirank will enable students to make more informed decisions about where to study and give us a more accurate picture of how universities perform."

The Commission is funding the project in 2013 and 2014 with €2 million from the LLP programme, while granting the option for a two-year extension so as to establish the system. Following this, it must be financially independent.


Press Review by European Commission on 13 May 2014

Press Review by European Commission on 17 December 2012