For its alumni work, the DAAD is aiming to:

  • continue to foster contact between alumni and with their German host universities and the DAAD;
  • continue to maintain a thematic and personal link back to Germany by publishing regular bulletins;
  • make a contribution to extending the depth of academic exchange operations between alumni home and host countries and thus foster internationalisation in higher education; and to
  • enable current scholarship holders and those interested in studying in Germany to benefit from the experience and know-how that alumni have gained within the scope of their periods of study and research abroad.

Veranstaltungen für Stipendiaten und Alumni in Brüssel

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Die DAAD-Außenstelle Brüssel organisiert u.a. Themen- und Diskussionsabende, Netwerkveranstaltungen und kulturelle Aktivitäten in Brüssel.


Programme und Angebote für ehemalige DAAD-Stipendiaten


Hier finden Sie eine Übersicht über die allgemeinen DAAD-Programme und -Angebote für Stipendiaten und Alumni.